Your project is live, you're done right? Wrong... there will be changes, upgrades, new features you want, SEO tweaks and more. In fact we encourage you to view your web project as more of a journey than a destination. The web is constantly changing as technology advances, a few years ago we had no idea we would be accessing the web on cellphones and websites would need to cater for that, who knows what is next. Unfortunately we also have to keep guarding against hackers and spammers and the popular content management systems need to stay on their toes with security releases as security holes are found and patched and spammers get cleverer at sneaking past safeguards.

We offer affordable support so that you can keep your project alive and well. If you have a small blog or portolio website you can look at buying a few hours a year of support time to keep up with upgrades and clear out spam etc. For a larger, more complex website you might want to buy a support package of a few hours a month. The more time you pay for upfront the greater the discount on the hours. Give us a call and we'll work out something specific to your needs.